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QRide in Mackay with Learn to Ride your QRide Mackay rider training specialist.

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Beginner Course and training

The beginner’s training course is designed and structured to your specific level of motorcycle riding ability.

It doesn’t matter that you may not have ridden a motorbike before or if you haven't ridden for years or whether you just want a refresher before doing your Q RIDE with us here in Mackay. We have the technique, patience, equipment  and environment to get you up and riding  and ready for Q RIDE. Male or female, young or old you can do it with the right instruction.

The Learn2ride beginner sessions are run especially for you on a 1 on 1 basis. This guarantees you get the full attention of your rider trainer. We also have the best private training area in the Mackay Region, at almost 1km long and 20 meters wide. A far better place to prepare you  for your Q RIDE assessment  over a side street or small car park.

Cost of Private training from $50.00 per hour

We do not subscribe to group beginner courses.  In our experience it takes longer for the student to feel 100% comfortable on the bike in a beginner  group training session. 1 on 1 training is the way to go and it doesn’t cost anything more, at least it doesn’t with Learn2ride.

QRIDE in Mackay Course

Our QRIDE course follows the standards set by Queensland Transport and covers everything from basic maintenance, mounting the bike. Slow speed riding, starts and stops, controlled and emergency braking, turning and cornering and of course the  roadcraft  and theory component which is what will keep us you safe on the road.

QRIDE is a competency based rider training program. Everything will be clearly explained and demonstrated for You will also have plenty of  training and practice time to meet the appropriate Qride standard.  

Generally our Qride license  course runs for approximately 6 hours although it isn't uncommon for it to take a little longer. If a student doesn't achieve competency in a particular standard it doesn't mean the course is a fail. It just means that the student needs to return  for a little more training and to be assessed on the outstanding elements. Once that takes place the Qride certificate is issued.

Follow the steps to getting your motorcycle license in Mackay with Q ride and Learn2ride.

Make sure you have the correct motorcycle license.

To be eligible to attend motorcycle rider training or a Qride course you need to hold a Queensland motorcycle learner permit.

Your Q ride accredited rider trainer in Mackay has created  effective rider training modules to  help you on the way to years of enjoyable motorcycle riding.

Beginner riders, experienced riders or riders needing a refresher course before they attend their Q ride course and license assessment.

Q Ride is a Queensland Transport safety initiative. We are pleased to be able to offer Q Ride as a competency based training and assesment course to get your motorbike license in Mackay.

This type of motorbike training in Mackay focuses on  increasing the awareness and skills of  our students .Safety is paramount.

QRide Learn to ride with Brett Hoskin the Mackay region's premier Qride Rider trainer. Re and R license. Queensland Motorcycle school. Private training area, bikes supplied free.beginner and advanced courses from $50 Brett 0447714336 Good motorcyclists wear the right safety gear all the time. Learn2ride qride in Mackay promotes safe riding.

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